Fresh Food for the Dogs You Love

Dog food created just for your dog! Let us be your pet’s personal chef.

100% natural food

All of our meals are created from high quality meats, grains, and vegetables that you eat. That’s right, all our ingredients are fresh, straight from the grocery store. Why would feed your dog anything else? 

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Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Meals

Our food is cooked and delivered to your door weekly. Meals are cooked and stored the day before your delivery.

Individually Portioned Meals

Meals are pre-measured based on your dog’s caloric needs to achieve weight goals. Meals are packaged individually for storage in the freezer. Just thaw, heat, and serve.

Home Made Food for the Dogs You Love

You love your dogs and want to give them the best. You want them to be healthy and happy.  However, as a pet parent, chances are you’ve experienced at least one of the following:

  • food allergies
  • picky eater
  • digestive problems
  • commercial pet food recalled  

We all know that fresh food is the best for us, but did you know that’s true for your pet too? Not to mention they’ll appreciate getting to eat the same kind of food mom and dad eat.

The problem is, often there isn’t enough time or resources to cook food for your pets for every meal, so you resort to pricey designer food or regular dry pet food.

Fortunately, now you can provide home made fresh meals for your beloved dogs at every meal without all the fuss of cooking, measuring, and storing bulk food.

Home Delivery!

Why home delivery?

All our meals are delivered within 24 hours of preparing, right to your door. Our convenience means you have more time with your dog.

  • Saves time, there is no substitute to adding time back into your schedule.
  • You can rest easy knowing your dog is getting high-quality food.
  • Dogs benefit from the same benefits as humans do when eating whole grains.
  • Sustained quality from a source you can trust.
  • It’s much more convenient to have your pup’s food delivered.

Ingredients Dogs Love

We want our dogs healthy and happy!

We turned to Two Stray Dogs for our dog and have never looked back. I’m so thankful for this fresh food, all the benefits and the way my dog has kept his weight. We should have turned to this food along time ago.
Becky Swift
Ringgold GA

Never happened with other food

This is my dogs favorite food. I know you’re thinking how do you know they’ll eat anything. And you’re right lol! However ever sense I switched to this fresh food he doesn’t just wait for breakfast or dinner he is now waking me up or herding me into the kitchens.
Matty Riley

Best food for my dog and probably yours!

We’ve been feeding him this for some time now and he still gets excited everytime. Although this good is freah, it is still good to use as a training tool since the pieces of chicken are a good size and not grinded up like some other version/brands of fresh food.
Sally Moody
Hixson TN

About Two Stray Dogs

Two Stray Dogs Inc. is a newly formed startup in Tennessee with the simple goal of serving dogs great food while creating a company with environmental awareness and an excellent work environment for its employees. Our hope is that through good leadership, great customers, and a strong moral compass, we can grow exponentially.

Our company’s broad goals are to lower our price to our customers, increase benefits to our employees, improve food quality, and help improve our environment. We will also make investments in Animal, and Environmental-based community causes.    

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