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Our Origin Story

The Birth of Two Stray Dogs

Two Stray Dogs was born when two little pups wandered into our yard cold one night in January. They were hungry and homeless, so we took them in and eventually adopted them. We fed them commercial dog food but were bombarded with problems ranging from digestion issues to no interest in eating. The only food they would eat was one that was recalled for contamination.

Frustrated with sick puppies and not eating, we started cooking food for them like my husband’s family did for their dogs back in Trinidad. They instantly gobbled the food down and their digestive issues were resolved within days. They have been on the same diet for several years and they are healthy and happy. Their vet is pleased with their health and coats and has recommended that they remain on our diet.

It was then we realized that we should make the same food available to other doggie parents who want to feed their pets fresh food, but don’t have the time to make that possible. Thus, Two Stray Dogs was born.


One of the two puppies that wandered into our yard that fateful night. She loves to eat… everything. Hobbies include eating and cleaning up Julep’s scraps.


Julep accompanied Karma and loves to sit in your lap. Hobbies include playing fetch and keeping her food from Karma.


R.I.P 3/3/2022

Ghost was rescued from McKamey Animal Shelter and is a purrfect mama’s boy. Hobbies include lounging on mama, following mama around, and minding the kittens.


Toby was rescued from Petsmart. After months of patience and feeding, he blossomed into a sweet, but cranky kitty. Hobbies include eating and snoring.


One of the two Tortie kittens we adopted from Petsmart. She is true to her namesake… very prickly, and full of tortitude. Hobbies include looking cute and biting when you acknowledge her cuteness.


Nettle’s sister and the quiet, tiny one of the bunch. She lives to eat too. Hobbies include reminding everyone that she the smallest and demanding more food. She and Nettle also like to hang out with Boomie.


Our ball python who likes cats, dogs, and giving boops and bleps. 


Our latest adoption, she came to us with a nubby tail and a huge attitude in that little body. She’s… spicy.

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