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In Chattanooga, TN. We use a commercial kitchen in the East Brainerd area that meets all of the state requirements for human food preparation.

Yes, to an extent. We are limiting our delivery footprint right now so we do not have to use commercial shipping. As we grow, we will strive to become even more environmentally friendly by using technology to reduce our carbon footprint, like solar power for our kitchen, electric vehicles, recycling in our production process, and carbon offsets. Our ultimate goal is to have a negative carbon footprint. 

Yes, we have a 1-2-You program, where one percent of our revenue goes to human causes, two percent of our revenue goes to animal causes, and three percent of the revenue gets rebated back to our customers on an annual basis.

Our mission is to provide healthy dog food in an ethical work place while maintaining a commitment to the environment and animal causes.

These ingredients are used from the human-grade USDA controlled supply chain.

The food is cooked 24 hours before you receive it.

Our food is cooked in batches. We keep detailed records of all the ingredients that go into each batch. If an ingredient is recalled, we will notify you immediately and replace the affected food at no cost to you. 

Since we are a startup company, we are currently operating our 1980’s ordering process. Please email us through the contact form. We will contact you to get demographic information on your dog and their current diet, health issues, and weight goals. We will calculate the amount of calories your dog needs and an estimated cost for their meal plan.

Once we have achieved some growth in our customer base, our first investment will be to create an online ordering process to bring us into the 21st century, while retaining personal contact with our customers.

We are only delivering within Hamilton County. As we grow our production capacity, we will slowly expand our delivery footprint.

The cost of your dog food will depend on the size, weight goals, and activity of your pet. The daily cost for a small dog is approx. $2.60 per day (based on a 15 lb dog) and for medium-sized dog is approx. $8 per day (based on a 50 lb dog). Our goal, as we grow, is to reduce the cost of out food, while maintaining the same quality.

Yes, there is a five percent discount per pet after the first pet.

We will prepare weekly individually packaged meals for your pet. You will have the option to be invoiced weekly, which will be sent out four days prior to your next delivery, or monthly, which will be sent out one week prior to the beginning of the next month. 

If you are leaving on vacation, we can deliver your pets meal to any pet hotel or boarding in Hamilton County, or bulk deliver to your home prior to your vacation.

Our food is delivered frozen. Each meal is individually packed for your pet. Place all the individual food packages in the freeze except for your pet’s next meal. The space required in your freezer is approx. 2 cubic feet per week.

Your should always have one meal package defrosting at all times. The next meal should be defrosted when you warm up your current meal. Heat meals until hot in a glass bowl then let cool before feeding your pet.   

If after the transition period, your dog does not want to eat the food, we can change the protein in the meal and/or we will refund you the full price of the meals.

In most cases, we recommend using the following feeding schedule, as found on PetMD (https://www.petmd.com/blogs/nutritionnuggets/jcoates/2012/feb/how_to_switch_dog_foods-12550)

Day 1: Feed 80% of the current (old) food and mix in 20% of the new food in each serving to start the adjustment period for clean digestion.
Day 2: Adjust to feeding 60% of the old food and mix in 40% of the new food in each serving.
Day 3: Feed 40% of the old food, mixed with 60% of the new food per serving.
Day 4: Feed 20% of the old food, mixed with 80% of the new food per serving.
Day 5: Feed 100% of the new food as you should be very close to a clean digestive transition period.
During this period, watch for symptoms of a sick stomach, including, excessive gas, diarrhea, and water consumption.

However, if you are changing foods due to health problems or allergies, we suggest the following method in order to get the benefits of the new food as soon as possible:

Offer up small meal and see if your dog eats. If they don’t, take the food up and don’t give any other food or snacks. Offer it again 6-8 hours later. Try this for a couple of days. 

Source: PetMD (https://www.petmd.com/dog/nutrition/evr_dg_changing_dog_food_brands_quickly)  

Our food comes with pineapple for this specific purpose. If they are still eating it, add a few additional pieces of pineapple to the meals. 

The typical signs of food sensitivity include frequent ear or foot infections, vomiting, diarrhea, and itchy, patchy coat. If you see any of the symptoms, contact your vet for verification and let us know. We will change your food immediately at no charge. 

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