Our Healthy Products

Quality food is important for your dog. Our food is a blend of wholesome ingredients to nourish your dog inside and out. Savory meats, healthy vegetables, and fibrous grains blended into a delicious meal your dog will love.

All our ingredients are carefully ground and blended in measured proportions to insure optimal nutrition for your dog. And the best part is, if your dog starts to gain or lose weight, you can request a portion change to keep up with their changing needs.

We know it’s hard to say no to your dog, but we recommend that you feed only our food for meals and provide a sensible, nutritious snack. 

Our Recipes

Recipe 1 (Original):

Our original recipe includes pork roast, beef, brown rice, black beans, lentils, beef liver, carrots, peas, and kale.

Recipe 2 (Bean Free):

Our bean free recipe is great for those dogs who don’t digest beans well. This meal includes pork roast and chicken, brown rice, sweet potato, apple, beef liver, carrots, peas, and kale.

Our Ingredients

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